Charging Batteries

Know when to expect battery problems

  • 3-year-old Battery: More than 30% of vehicles with batteries 3 years or older experience battery failure.

  • Heat: Whether from climate or high under-hood operating temperatures, heat accelerates corrosion in the battery.

  • Extreme Cold: Retards the battery’s chemical reaction that creates the cranking power in a vehicle and increases the current needed to start a vehicle.

  • Constant Cranking with Little Driving: Drains battery power without giving the vehicle’s charging system a chance to recharge the battery.

Where you live affects your battery’s life expectancy

Compare the age of your battery with the average life expectancy of batteries in your part of the country. Generally, batteries used in colder climates last longer than those used warmer climates.

Visit Dixie Battery to have your battery tested

Dixie Battery utilizes the most advanced battery testing equipment on the market, the ED-18 diagnostic tool. That, combined with the expertise to detect problems with your battery and electrical system before your battery fails. By performing a battery/electrical system check, we can help save you the time, money and frustration associated with unexpected battery or electrical system failures. Our advanced ED-18 system measures conductance, or the battery’s ability to deliver current, to predict at what temperature a battery may fail to start your vehicle.

Early Detection: Play it safe

The purpose of preventive maintenance—or early detection—is to locate an automotive problem before a failure leaves you stranded along the roadside or in a parking lot. This may be as simple as looking for cracks in a belt or excess wear on the brake pads or tires. Even though your vehicle started today, battery failure could be just around the corner.

Discover your battery’s condition in a few minutes

The ED-18 Early Detection Test not only determines if a battery is good or bad; it can detect if it is marginal. These are the three possible conditions of your battery:

  • Bad: replace as soon as possible

  • Marginal: prone to failure in moderate to extreme heat or cold

  • Good: retest in about six months

The best news is this test is FREE. Come get your battery tested with no obligation to purchase anything. If you do not need a battery, we'll be glad to tell you that as well. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.