About Us

In 1985, Phillip Truesdale had a goal to become the best battery specialist in St. George.  He partnered up with several different battery distributors in order to keep costs low and provide customers with multiple options.  He pioneered battery service in St. George and we are proud of that legacy.  While Phil no longer owns Dixie Battery, we still follow in his footsteps and provide residents and guests of St. George with high-quality batteries and service that can't be beat.  Many of you have gotten to know and love Jerry.  He loves working with such a wonderful clientele and he speaks Spanish.  We don't believe in the hard-sell, therefore we won't sell you a battery unless you need one, or want a new one for peace of mind.  We believe that ONLY selling you what you need may cost us a little in the short run, but our loyal clientele and 30+ year track record have proven this works.  Car (Automobile), Truck, Van, Motorcycle, Tractor, Watercraft, ATV, Snowmobile, Alarm System, Battery Back-up and Solar, we can get you batteries to fit these or any other application.  Most batteries we carry in stock and in several different grades and warranties.  If we don't have it we can get in, usually in less than a week.  We carry or can acquire Interstate Batteries, Megatron, Workaholic, Powervolt batteries, Trojan, QuickStart, Deka Batteries, Centennial Batteries Concorde, and OPTIMA, just to name a few.  Come try us out, Dixie Battery: Your Positive Battery Connection!

Open Monday Thru Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM