2-7-22 - NEW SATURDAY HOURS - It has been a while since we updated anything on our blog.  What can we say, things have been crazy.  We have shifted our hours on Saturday to closer reflect actual damand.  We will open at 9 AM and stay open until 1 PM.  That extra hour in the afternoon will help with all those weekend projects that need a battery.  Drop in for a free test.

5-10-17 - Mother's Day is just around the corner. Mom, the person that has bailed you out of more situations than you can count. Always there for you. Dependable. Loving. She's done so much for you, time to pay her back a little. Have her battery tested for free. That way, she'll be able to come to your rescue, once again.

12-14-16 - There is the typical hustle and bustle this time of year. Running to parties, the mall, shopping at the grocery store not to mention going to work and/or school. The cold weather slows down your car battery making these short trips even more stressful under the hood. Take some stress out of the holiday season by having your battery tested for FREE. That's better that than a lump of coal because you couldn't get to the store because of a dead battery. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

5-24-16 - How does a small independent battery shop stay in business for over 31 years? It is with the attentiveness of our employees and our unwavering desire to be the best we can be. We know there are a lot of options for batteries are we are honored that the community has placed their trust in us. Yesterday Jerry received this heartwarming thank you note that begins to put into words the effectiveness of Jerry and all he does.  Thank you Karen for recognizing Jerry!

4-13-16 - Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "the only surety in life is death and taxes."  Well, I can't disagree with that, but I'd add that batteries will surely fail and usually at the worst possible time.  This tax season, swing on by and we'll test your battery for free.  That means you can keep your refund for something else.  Maybe a battery, maybe that outfit you were looking out or a new phone.  Whatever you decide, make sure that you don't get stranded with a bad battery.  Hate to look good with a new outfit, stranded on the side of the road, using that new phone to call for help.

2-29-16 - Happy Leap Day! Once every 4 years we have an extra day. What are you going to do with these extra 24 hours? How about you get your spring time equipment batteries tested? Your car, truck van all need to function this time of year. Those ATVs, boats and RVs need to come out of hibernation and get ready for fun. Spring break is coming up and you don't want battery problems. Come in for a FREE test and see where you stand. If the battery needs to be charged, we can do that for FREE as well. When you wait until; you are going out of town, there isn't any time left to charge and test the battery. Save yourself time and aggravation and get your battery tested TODAY!

2-18-16 - It's National Battery Day! Did you know that? It is a day set aside to recognize all that batteries do for us. They start our cars, power our devices, and even power our watches and remotes. Everyone is affected by batteries on a daily basis. In the event you need a battery, TODAY (2/18) AND TOMORROW (2/19) in honor of National Battery Day, we'll give you 10% off your NEW battery purchase. Just ask for the National Battery Day Discount. Obviously not valid with any other offer, used batteries or accessories. Happy National Battery Day from your friends at Dixie Battery, Your Positive Battery Connection.

12-15-15 - Winter is bearing down on us.  Thought we'd tackle a common misconception about alternators.  "Your Alternator does not charge your battery.   At least not in the way you might think. It's a common misconception amongst drivers that if their battery is flat, a good long drive will charge it up. After all the alternator generates power, right? Well yes, and no. Have you ever seen or driven a car where, as you sped up, the lights got brighter? That's because the battery was dead and all the electrical power was coming from the alternator. The faster the engine spins, the more power the alternator provides, and the brighter the headlights become.

In a properly functioning car, the 12V electrical system is mostly reliant on the battery itself. The alternator provides a 'topping off' charge to help maintain the battery, but can't really be relied on to charge it. Why? Because when your car is running, it consumes quite a bit of electrical power between all the onboard computers, wiring harnesses, instrumentation, headlights, radios, electric windows, high- and low-tension circuits etc.

The alternator in most cars is typically sized to match the demands of a running car. In other words, when the engine is on and the car is running, the alternator compensates for the electrical load and typically doesn't offer much more. Sure there might be some surplus power produced at speed, but to fully charge a nearly dead 12V battery would take a 2000 mile drive at 80mph or more with everything electrical turned off. A quick 10 minutes down the motorway isn't doing anything for you." - Courtesy of Chris @

9-28-15 - Fall has arrived.  Cooler weather, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, holidays galore and of course, extra stress on your battery.  Many people associate battery failure with cold, but in reality, the extreme heat of Southern Utah is way more damaging.  We often say, the heat kills it but the cold reveals it.  A weak battery will perform ok when it is warm, but the colder it gets, the more power your car requires to start.  Weaker battery plus cold weather is a recipe for a no-start.  This summer has been brutally hot and exceptionally long.  It's still 8-10 degrees above normal.  Before long we'll be trick-or-treating, going to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and wrapping presents for Christmas or Hanukah.  Make sure your battery is ready for Fall, and all the holiday travel associated with it, with a free battery test.  You won't regret it!

7-16-15 - Ever wonder why some golf carts have 6-volt batteries, some have 8-volt batteries and some have 12-volt batteries?  Apart from the obvious difference between a 36-volt and 48-volt cart, there are some other reasons as well.  US Battery wrote an execellent article about how going with a 12-volt battery rather than an 8-volt could cost you.  While it make save you some money in the short term, it actually will cost you more in the long run due to shortening the life because of a deeper depth of discharge.  Another reason two 6-volt Golf work better than two12-volt RV batteries.  We have a copy of the article on our website if you like to know more. Battery nerds like us love this stuff!

7-1-15 - Big or small, we work on it all.  Even in the 100+ degree heat!  Semi, RV, Motorhome and Industrial Trucks. 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 batteries, we do it all!


6-19-15 - The problem with a blog on an automotive battery site here in St George, is that not a lot happens with batteries.  Not the most interesting thing.  In fact, you never think about a battery until you are stranded on the side of the road, or in a parking lot.  Praying it will start in the sweltering 100+ degree weather we are known for.  Well, the good news is we can test your battery to discover how strong it is, and we do it for free.  That's right, FREE.  We like to treat our customers like family and we never want a family member stranded in this heat.  The other day we decided to pop the hood on the owner's truck to check out the battery.  It tested fine, but there was a ton of corrosion.  I wish I had taken a picture, it was that bad.  We cleaned it all up, applied a anti corrosion spray.  It took 10 minutes because it was awful, but we prevented a no-start, not because of the battery, but the corrosion preventing the electricity from getting to the starter.  The best time to fix a problem is when it is convenient.  Let us do the same for you.  Celebrating 30 years here in Saint George, same location, same service, locally owned!

1-15-15 - Check out our promotions TAB on Facebook. We are trying a promotion to win tickets to the movies. Should go live around 3:00 PM today. Feel free to enter during the **TEST MODE** and if all the kinks are worked out, those entries will count. (Test mode will come off once we are sure everything is working) We don't want to start this if it doesn't work right. And we won't sell your information, we'll contact the winner by e-mail.

12-30-14 - Brrr it is COLD.  Did you know a fully charged battery won't freeze till 76 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW freezing?  Yet a fully discharged battery will freeze at 32 degrees, just like water.  Charge those batteries or bring them into the garage or you'll be buying a new one come springtime.  Freezing voids all warranties as it is not the battery's fault it got discharged in a cold environment.  Bring your battery in and we'll charge it for you.  Happy New Year!!!  Hat tip to for the specific range.

12-29-14 - We hope you had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah!  Now is the time to set some New Year's Resolutions.  Like to check your battery at Dixie for free.  You may not get to the gym, or go on that trip or finish that book, but this is a goal we can all accomplish.  Besides, what good is the gym, the vacation or the book if you are stuck in the parking lot waiting for a jump?  Hope you have a safe New Year!

9-16-14 - We'd love to introduce you to Alex.  You may remember him as part of the ice bucket challenge, but he installs batteries as well.  We will gladly install batteries in your equipment, even mobility scooters.  Come say hi, have your battery tested and see if we can come to your rescue.

8-25-14 - Our very own Jerry has accepted the challenge and performed flawlessly in his Ice Bucket Challenge.  Special Thanks to Becky R, who filmed and Alex who played the part of the "lovely assistant."

Ice Bucket Challenge

8-1-14 - Where has the time gone?  It has been 45 days since our last post and it seems like we just updated it.  Summer has a way of doing just that.  With school just around the corner, and the brutal heat still upon us, make sure your battery is ready for car pool and get it checked before school starts.  Nothing worse than picking up at the end of the day and your car won't start and you get the reputation of being "that parent" that didn't show up on time or had to wait for a jump.  Call it a "BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL" or call it standard business practice for us, but we'll test your battery, clean your cables and send you on your way for free.  That's right $0.00.  With nearly 30 years in business, we didn't last this long with high pressure sales.  Come on down and say hi and we'll take care of the rest.

6-10-14 - We have added a pic of Jerry, our resident celebrity.  Let us know what you

 think.  Jerry is always happy to help customers and has been known to got the extra mile.  He even cleaned an air filter for one customer!  He wants every customer to have the best battery experience possible in St. George. 


5-7-14 - Check out our website. We recently cleaned up a bunch of graphics, made it flow smoother and look better overall.  We will be adding pictures as well in the coming days so you can get to know our staff and products before you come in.  As always, testing is free. The landlord even filled in the dirt hole between the pavement and the retaining wall so we have MORE PARKING.  We are excited about that.  Check it out and let us know what you like / don't like.

4-30-14 - May is practically here and we are getting fun and interesting requests for specialized batteries.  Solar systems, radio batteries, solar generators, scooters, UPS systems and exit sign batteries have all come through our doors.  We can get all of those.  Not just the car, truck, van, motorcycle batteries we are famous for.  Pretty much, if it has a battery, we can get it.  Laptop, watch and cell phone batteries we don't stock, but we can usually point you in the right direction or utilize one of our partners to get you what you need.  Make this Spring a positive one by getting your batteries from Dixie Battery Exchange.

4-22-14 - HAPPY EARTH DAY.  Today is Earth Day, a day where many people think about the Earth and what we can do to preserve and make her better.  Did you know that batteries are one of the most recycled products out there?  The polypropylene case, the lead and acid are all recycled back into products we all use.  Batteries, fertilizer, laundry detergent, water, chairs, and filters to name a few.  Do your part and recycle your spent lead-acid batteries in a safe, Earth-friendly way.  Besides, we'll even pay you cash for your extra cores.  How's that for a win-win?  You clean up the environment and make money while doing it.  We send ALL of our cores to vendors that use an American based, EPA approved smelter to ensure they are cleanly and properly recycled.  Have a great Earth Day!

4-18-14 - Did you know we accept the Dixie Direct Card?  We have been advertisers with them for over 6 years and love our loyal customers that are also loyal Dixie Direct users.  Bring you car in for a free test and if you need a battery, be sure to use your card to save some cash.  After all, now that tax season has officially ended, we could all use some savings.

4-1-2014 - Don't be a fool.  It is no joke to get to your car and have it not start.  While you may want to prank your friends by disconnecting their battery, a no-start is no laughing matter when it is your car.  Come have us test your battery and have a bag of popcorn for free. No Joke.

3-26-2014 Motivation - What motivates you to get your battery tested? Is it a slow start? A No-start? Or is it part of your normal maintenance? I had a little trouble with a tooth once. I ignored it. Time passed and it got worse and worse. What would have been a simple filling turned into a root canal. Why? Because I ignored a minor issue because I didn't have time. While a new battery isn't anywhere as expensive as a root canal, the small inconvenience could cost you time and add frustration to your life. Get you battery tested at least once a year (twice would be better) to remove that trouble from your life. Remember, we are not high pressure salesmen. Often times we talk people OUT of buying a battery because there is something else wrong.

3-11-2014 Spring - Ask us about our FREE extended warranty program. All of our NEW car/truck/van batteries are eligible. Make your purchase dollars go further.

09-16-2013 Hunter - It won't be long and "hunter orange" will become the prevalent fashion color. Make sure your Trucks, ATVs and Trailers have fresh batteries to make sure your hunt is not cut short. If it has been a while, start charging them NOW. Don't wait till the day before. Swing on by and we'll test them for you. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

8-14-2013 School - I need to get better at posting information to our Facebook page. The problem is, batteries are not exciting or interesting (except to me) and let's face it, nobody likes to buy a battery. Batteries failures are never convenient so come on down, we'll test your battery for free and clean your cables if needed. You don't want a dead battery while picking your kids up from their first day of school!!

2013 - As I make post update to Facebook, I will try and update this page as well.  If you have a question or comment, please focus on where there are better tools for responding to questions and comments.  Also, while there, LIKE us.  We are a small company that tries hard to give you the best product possible at a reasonable price and we don't have a massive marketing budget.

12-19-2011 Holiday- The holiday season is here.  Be sure you have batteries for all your toys.  Snowmobiles, ATV, Motorcycle, Golf Cart, etc all need their batteries maintained.  If you are not using a battery maintainer, get one.  The batteries need to be maintained, either before you go out, or during the winter when you are not using these toys.  Remember, it you take care of the batteries, they will last twice as long than batteries that are abused and forgotten.  Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Season's Greeting; we wish you well in this holiday season.

11-24-2011 Thanksgiving- Here are Dixie Battery we are truly grateful for the wonderful community that we serve.  The customer loyalty and kindness of those we deal with are amazing.  We are grateful for our supplier that help us out and for our location.  Did you know we have been in the same location for the past 26 years?  That kind of stability let you know we'll be here to answer you questions, test your charging system and change your batteries for year to come.  Thanks and we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

11-09-2011 6-volt or 12-volt?- Lot of people come in and say, "I hear two 6-volt batteries are better than two 12-volt batteries, WHY?"  The easiest way to explain this is to look at the batteries as a gas tank on your car.  The bigger the tank the longer you can drive between fillups.  What the batteries are storing is electical potential.  A 6-volt "golf cart" battery has 235 Ahr versus the group 24 "Marine/RV" battery has 60 Ahr or 84 Ahr (depending on the model).  In both scenarios you need two batteries.  For the six volts, you hook them up in series and this creates a 12-volt system.  The lights, heater, charger, etc all "see" 12-volts.  The amperage remains the same at 235 Ahr.  The 12-volt batteries are hooked together in parallel, meaning the voltage stays at 12-volts, but the amperage doubles to 120 to 168 depending on the batteries.  The short answer is the two golf cart batteries have bigger "tanks" they can last longer.  The golf cart battery was designed to do far more than the standard Marine/RV battery so it performs very well in that application.  


10-17-2011 Hunting Season - It is hunting season.  Hunters are checking their gear, cleaning their guns and making sure everything is ready for a successful hunt.  Be sure to check the batteries before you head out.  The furnace draws a lot of power so you'll want to make sure they are fully charged before you head up to higher elevation.  We recommend you plug in your trailer to hook a battery charger for 24-48 hours before you head out.  If you are running 2 "Golf" batteries then you defiantly need the 48 hour charge.  Remember, the larger the capacity of the system, the loner it will take to fully charge the batteries.  We'll go over that on a later blog.

10-10-2011 Commercial - Did you know that Dixie Battery installs batteries in semi tractors.  The over-the-road trucks -that haul all of our food and products to the Southern Utah area.  Without those big trucks rollin, our -community would run out of supplies quickly, and Dixie has the batteries for those applications.  Be sure to thank a trucker for all they do for our community and country.